Activity Guides, Student Workbooks and Tool Kits

Activity guides, workbooks and tool kits are some of the resources available to Québec secondary students in the Personal Orientation Project program to help them explore facets of various trades, occupations or fields. The activity guides provide information and activities that help students explore a career. The workbooks allow students to record their work, thoughts, calculations and/or answers as they explore each activity guide. The tool kits are sets of hands-on resources provided to secondary school classes in Québec that allow students to complete the activities outlined in the activity guides.

Activity Guides

Student Workbooks

  • Student workbooks are available for most of the activity guides. They can be downloaded on the web page of each activity guide.

Tool Kits

  • Tool Kit Materials List: This Excel file lists the materials required for all the tool kits accompanying activity guides. To see the materials required for a specific tool kit, click on the name of the guide indicated on the tab at the bottom of the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Materials required for each activity guide: The list of materials required to complete the exercises in each activity guide can be found in each guide as well as on the page for each guide under List of Materials. You may want to print and laminate the list of materials for each activity guide and place it in the tool kit. This will make it easier to check the contents of the tool kit against the list at the beginning and end of each period, and students will be able to help manage the materials and notify you if any items are broken or missing.
  • Budgetary rules: Budgetary measures are in place for the implementation of the Personal Orientation Project program and to assist in the replacement of materials in the tool kits. These rules are available in French only. Consult the following resources:
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