POP Index

What Is the POP Index?

The POP Index is an online catalogue of links that Secondary Cycle Two students can consult to explore their career options.

The POP Index was created for students and educators in the Personal Orientation Project (POP) program, but students in the Exploration of Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship programs may also find this website useful.

How to Use the POP Index

You can search the POP Index by keyword, field of interest or vocational training sector.

The POP Index contains four types of resources:

  • Experiential Tools
    • Online activities and games that simulate tasks related to a trade or occupation
    • Simulation software
    • Links to the activity guides found on this website
  • Virtual Visits and Key People
    • Virtual visits of companies, training centres, educational institutions, etc.
    • Video and text testimonials by workers and students
  • General Career Exploration Tools
    • Information about a variety of occupational sectors, fields of interest or specific trades and occupations. These resources can be a springboard for students who do not know what sector to start with or which keywords to use to perform a precise search.
  • Other Tools
    • Career fairs
    • Employee for a Day events
    • Competitions/contests

Useful Links

Use this section to learn more about other resources essential to your students’ explorations.

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New resources are added to the POP Index regularly. To be notified when new resources are added to the website, subscribe by email or RSS feed on the right-hand side of the POP Index homepage (near the bottom).

Propose a New Tool

If you find an interesting resource that you would like to see added to the POP Index, please submit it by using the Propose a New Tool link on the POP Index homepage.

Please note that the POP Index is not a comprehensive list of all possible career options students may wish to explore. It is intended to complement the activities found on the POP Links website and provide references to careers that are not represented in the activity guides available on this website. To complete their career exploration, students should also consult other websites, read documents, meet with resource people, talk to their parents and peers, etc.

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