Personal Orientation Project (POP) Program

What Is a Personal Orientation Project?

The Personal Orientation Project, carried out by students in Secondary III and IV in the province of Québec, gives young people the opportunity to carry out three to eight individual career explorations in the course of a  school year.

Students have an active role in deciding which careers interest them and choosing the means to carry out an exploration, whether in the classroom, the school or the community. Students define their personal profile by trying out work functions, doing research and visiting workplaces or educational institutions. They are encouraged to draw on the support of teachers, school staff and classmates, and to interact with parents, workers and other people they trust in the community, discussing their reflections, experiences and discoveries with them.

The activity guides found on this website and the associated tool kits found in the POP classroom provide simple simulations of some of the job functions in over 30 different careers.

In this program, students develop two competencies:

  • Carries out a process of career exploration
  • Contemplates his/her learning and work possibilities

Visit the Québec Education Program Career Development page to gain a better understanding of the context in which this program was developed and to download the program documents.

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