Pedagogical Context & Teacher’s Guides

Pedagogical Context and Teacher’s Guides

The document Personal Orientation Project (PDF) outlines in detail the pedagogical context of the Personal Orientation Project program as prescribed by the Québec Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur. The following extract from page 10 of this document explains the pedagogical context in which POP is situated:

In principle, the career explorations carried out by Québec students up to the end of Secondary Cycle One provide the basis and the resources for their choice of learning path and their subsequent academic and career choices. Having begun to build their personal profile and developed the habit of recording useful information in a personal education plan, portfolio or logbook, they have references for planning their explorations, which will themselves be influenced by their choice of learning path. Students who have chosen the Applied General Education Path tend to be attracted by the more concrete nature of this path; they do not have the same motivations as those in the General Education Path. The POP gives Secondary Cycle Two students the opportunity to pursue their career exploration further and to develop competencies that will help them manage their careers throughout their lives. By enabling them to know themselves better and familiarize themselves with tools for career information and exploration and by teaching them to carry out their own career explorations, this program encourages students to take responsibility for their career development.

A basic knowledge of the Québec school system and the organization of the world of work, trades and occupations, and familiarity with certain Web sites for academic and career information are advantages, if not prerequisites, for the POP program. In addition, experience with career development strategies and emerging self-awareness and awareness of their potential as a result of projects they have carried out in guidance oriented activities provide students with a good basis for the POP. These resources will allow students to continue their reflection and exploration through various activities such as a career day, visits to educational institutions, being a “student for a day,” job shadowing in a workplace, listening to workers talk about their occupations, taking an extracurricular photography course, participation in a peer support group, etc.

Students should feel free to ask teachers of different subjects about their education and career history and about the job market in their field. They should also ask their parents for their opinions on different trades or occupations, for help finding a business where they can spend time job shadowing, etc. After the POP, and especially in the last two years of Secondary Cycle Two, students may need individual help for various reasons. They can receive support from guidance counsellors and other career information personnel if they are undecided about new explorations to undertake, need advice on choosing among different electives or programs, want to assess their chances of being accepted in a particular program, etc. This program encourages students to take responsibility for their career development.

The Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide  provides information for teachers that will assist them in directing students’ use of tool kits in the POP classroom. It also contains inventory sheets to manage the materials contained in the associated boxes of materials. Please note that the Teacher’s Guide is currently being revised and updated.

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