NEW! Student Workbooks

All the activity guides are now supported by a student workbook. We suggest that you download a workbook for each student who is completing an activity guide. Students can type directly in the fillable PDF or they may choose to hand write their answers in the space provided in the printed document.

The student workbooks are not intended as evaluation tools in and of themselves. Many of the activities do not have right or wrong answers, and students may choose to complete only some of the activities.  Rather than marking answers as right or wrong, teachers may use these workbooks to assess (1) how thoroughly the activities were completed and (2) the process the student followed to complete the activities.

Please note that the student workbooks have been create as PDF forms and that Adobe Acrobat Reader version 2015.016.20039 or later must be installed on computer work stations in order to correctly read and fill out the student workbooks digitally.

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