How to Use the POP Links Website

On the homepage of this website you will find:

  • access to all the activity guides by clicking on the first letter of their titles as well as via an alphabetical list at the bottom of the page
  • a brief explanation of what this website is about
  • a list of recent updates to the site, which also indicates whether these updates are new guides or new versions of guides that were already available
  • a form to subscribe via email to the mailing list to receive notifications of major updates to the site

To return to the homepage from any page in the website, click on the POP Links logo: ppo_small
The POP Links website is divided into three major sections: Activity Guides, Resources and Information.

Activity Guides

The Activity Guides page contains a table listing all the activity guides available, in alphabetical order. This table also indicates:

  • the version number of the most recent update
  • the date of publication of the most recent update
  • whether a new activity guide has been published
  • whether a new version of a guide has been published
  • whether a tool kit is available (i.e. whether materials are required to complete the activity guide)
  • whether a student workbook is available to accompany the activity guide

To access a particular activity guide, click on the name of the guide. Clicking on a letter at the top of the page will take you to that section of the list of guides.

Each activity guide page is divided into the following sections:

  • Description and activity boxes: This section describes the proposed exploration and provides access to the online resources needed to carry out each activity. Click on the white arrows in the activity boxes to access websites, files and other online resources mentioned in the activity guide.
  • Download the Activity Guide: Click here for your free download of the activity guide in PDF format. The version number and publication date will allow you to compare this version of the activity guide with the one you already have, if applicable.
  • Download the Workbook: Click here for your free download of the student workbook in PDF format. The student workbook is provided to allow students to record their work, thoughts, calculations and/or answers while exploring an activity guide. The version number and publication date will allow you to compare this version of the workbook with the one you already have, if applicable. Note that the version number of the student workbook should match the version number of the activity guide it goes with.
  • Useful Resources (if applicable): This section contains information about resources that can help students do the exercises in the activity guide (software, applications, etc.), if applicable.
  • Previous Versions and Modification History (if applicable): If a major update is made during the school year, you can find the previous version of the activity guide (and workbook, if applicable) here. The previous version may prove useful for students who have already begun their exploration, avoiding the need to start over with an activity guide that may have undergone major changes.
  • List of Materials (if applicable): If the activity guide is accompanied by a tool kit, this section contains a PDF file providing information about the materials required. Not all activity guides are accompanied by a list of materials.
  • Teacher’s Guide: This section includes the downloadable teacher’s guide to the activity (if available).
  • Other Information for Teachers (if applicable): This section includes other relevant information for teachers, if applicable.


This section provides information about resources related to the POP program.


This section includes information about the use of this website as well as a link to the Contact Us page.

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