Other Resources

Service national du RÉCIT du développement professionnel

The Service national du RÉCIT du développement professionnel website lists a wide variety of teaching resources in French related to several aspects of the Personal Orientation Project program: competencies, evaluation of learning, exploration, etc. These tools were developed by educators throughout Québec. Here you will find resources such as:

  • how to use a learning and evaluation file
  • planning and evaluation tools
  • teaching guides
  • planning tools
  • reflection tools
  • learning activities

Here are a few examples of resources that may be of interest:

*All these resources are in French and are managed by the Service national du RÉCIT du développement professionnel.

LEARN Quebec provides similar information related to POP in English.

Resource People

  • Contact your local RÉCIT facilitator and your institution’s Information Technology Services for help. They will be able to assist you with the IT aspects of POP.
  • Other resource people at your school board or educational institution may also be able to help: POP teachers in other schools, guidance counselors, pedagogical consultants, lab technicians, secondary education coordinators, etc.
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