Politics and Public Service

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This activity guide will give you the opportunity to act as a student who has received three internships: one in your local municipal office, one in a provincial minister’s office and one in the office of your federal member of Parliament. In these roles, you will deal with several issues and tasks related to policy-making and policy analysis, including researching a new skate park, creating a budget for it and holding public consultations; analyzing a policy and creating a brief for a provincial minister; and helping a group prepare a petition at the federal level.
Activity 2
To complete this activity, consult the following:

- Canadian Ramp Company (product catalogue)

Note that the above catalogue is suggested for your convenience. The authors and the Commission scolaire Beauce-Etchemin do not endorse this company.
Activity 7
To complete this activity, consult the following:

Exercise 7.1

- Petitions (House of Commons Compendium of Procedures)
- Presenting Petitions (House of Commons Compendium of Procedures)
- Form and Content of Petitions – Guidelines (House of Commons Compendium of Procedures)
- Government Responses to Petitions (House of Commons Compendium of Procedures)

Exercise 7.2

- Public Petitions – Current Guidelines for Petitions (House of Commons Procedure and Practice)
- Petition submitted by group protesting the Copperinc mining company (DOC)
To learn more about politics and public service, consult the following:

Politics and public service in Canada

- Canada’s Democracy Week
- Explore Our Country, Our Parliament (Parliament of Canada)
- Forum for Young Canadians
- Parliament of Canada

Youth wings of Canada’s main political parties

- Campus Conservatives
- Young Greens of Canada
- Young Liberals of Canada
- Young New Democrats of Canada (Facebook page)

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Politics and Public Service
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